mandag den 25. januar 2010

It looks better irl. I swear!

Here is the choker I made some time ago. I've taken close to a billion pictures, the camera I have is all nice and good, but I just can't make the choker look good. For some reason the focus is all wrong, and obviously it can't be my fault, since my Mom always told me that I'm brilliant at everything I do, and as a parent myself, I know moms are NEVER wrong.  :P

The thread was some what thicker than what I usually work with. Ofc. I can't remember the size now, but I like the result. I was wondering if I should tat some more for the front, but tbh I don't  think I will bother. I like it as it is already, and I already have so many other things I want to do (not counting the UFO's that haunt me QQ).

onsdag den 13. januar 2010

Dantatter's Snowflake and a small update

I had a wonderful Christmas, were we went to visit most of my husband's family. It was quite an endeavor, since his family is really, really huuuuge. New Year's eve we spent at home, alone the three of us, since we were all exhausted after so many days of Christmas lunches. Christmas lunches is a Danish (it's probably the same in all of Scandinavia?) Christmas tradition, which basically consist of eating until you collapse - or almost - together with as much family as possible.

On the journey back and forth, I managed to finish a tatted necklace, I had lying around for ages, but I haven't taken a picture of it yet, so it will get it's very own blog entry later.

 Last night I finished one of Dantatter's design, and I got her permission to post the result. I'm quite happy with it - bear in mind that it hasn't been blocked, ironed or anything, because I'm such an impatient person I haven't had the time yet. :P

The blue yarn is DMC 80, and the golden one is also a DMC, but it doesn't say the size of it on the label. It is, how ever, slightly larger than the blue threat. I had planned to tat it back in December. The star in the middle reminded me of the Star of David, and it also made me think of New Year. Now I'm wondering what I can make of it. Maybe use it as a pendant? Use it as part of a bracelet? I also thought of making lots of them and stitch them to a blue piece of chiffon or some fabric like that to make a scarf, but I don't think I could find the time to do that. Hmm...