fredag den 30. april 2010 to fit more than a month down to a couple of lines?

I think I will start with the most important first: I met with AnneB and Dantatter! :D They both came to Copenhagen, where I live, and we got a chance to spend some time together. They also showed med a much better way to tat . I am self-taught, as some might have read, and in the books I studied, there wasn't any mentioning of the best way to hold the shuttle when doing the stitches. I've seen youtube-videos, where I could clearly see my method as fast and quite unpractical, but it was too fast for me to learn the trick. BUT NOW I KNOW! \o/

I also got lots of new threads which I look so much forward to test-tat. I just have to finish my current project, because I promised myself I wouldn't produce anymore UFO's (lets see how long that promise will last :P). Uh, yes, and I saw all those wonderful dragons live!! And so many wonderful doilies made by both AnneB and Dantatter. They had them in such smart plastic covers in scrapbooking books, which I will have to get for myself as well. My current storing place is just a big box, but the plastic covers are much more practical.

Apart from that I spend some time going to check-ups on the hospital. Even though I never went to the arctic, some time late in February I found some of my toes started to have a fun color, and apparently it was starting to develop into gangrene and everything else got worse too. :-X So back on Prednisone etc. etc. which mean I've spend a couple of months being extra tired due to sleeplessness, more pains, especially in the hands, and being completely hysterical. I don't know why I go so mental on Prednisone, but well...I do.

What current project! I started doing a doily from a pattern by Jan Stawasz. It went very well for a looong time (though not as fast because of my hands), but lesson learned: Don't tat when you're extremely tired and are watching Australian Master Chef at the same time, it will only lead to disaster! Disaster, I tell you!!! :'(      <--- me.

The 3. to last round consists completely of even sized rings. 2. to last round has this little motif repeated all the round through, and it's attached to the previous round over 3 rings. Right side of the motif to one ring, the skip one, and then left side attached to a third ring. I was about to finish the whole round, when I realized I had one ring in surplus...I checked, and ofc. I had forgot to skip a ring half way through, and there was absolutely no way to save it. I had to take my scissor out and ruin all my work. /cry.Why do such errors always have to be made in the absolutely worst way with the absolutely worst consequences? If I ever catch one of those fish that gives 3 wishes, one of them will probably be a wish for no more cutting or unraveling in tatting. :P