fredag den 3. juni 2011

I made something!! :o

Guess it's time to dust off the blog.

Here is a hanky I made to the daugther of a friend of mine for her confirmation (usually a big event here). Back in the day all the girls used to get one on the day of the confirmation, and I thought it could be fun to bring that tradition back to life.

I ought, how ever, to have embroidered her name and the date on it, but I didn't want to make her og your eyes bleed. I've done a lot of crossstitch, but it didn't really prepare me for doing those beautiful monograms (and especially not when starting to practice the night before). Oh well, learning to embroider monograms is now on my 'want to learn' list.

onsdag den 9. februar 2011


I haven't disappeared totally from the surface of the earth. I've had some serious problems with my hands and feet due to Raynaud's Phenomenon this winter (cold begone!), so amongst other things, I haven't been able to hold a shuttle the last couple of months and I have to wear gloves indoors all the time. How ever I plan to come back with a vengeance in the spring!