søndag den 16. maj 2010

Wohoo \o/

I finished my Jan Stawasz-doily! :D But first a small cake-update:
I did manage to do all the cakes I wanted and they all ended up the way I wanted to, except for the green-goo-thingie I wanted to make. The gel-recipe didn't produce the kind of gel I wanted, so I ended up throwing the whole thing out. I did decide, though, that I will find some way to do it. The idea is simply too much fun just to give up on. My brother-in-law really liked the lemon curd, and the orange/ginger diabetes jam I made for my dad were also a succes (the blueberry jam was ALL MINE >:D).

Unfortunately I don't have any pics (for the first time ever), because I was so tired, that I forgot all about it, so you will have to trust me, when I claim that everything was absolutely flawless! :P

And now for the tatting: \o/

As you might have noticed by now, I finished my Jan Stawasz-doily (and no, I haven't pressed yet, I promise I will...at some point :P). It's the biggest piece I've managed to finish, because usually projects of this size ends up in my UFO-basket. I'm really proud of myself now. I actually managed to finish a bigger project!! Who would have thought?!! :D

Especially the last bit was tough to get through, because I already had my thoughts circling around my next projects. Uh, I really can't wait to get started. I hope it works out the way I want it to.

fredag den 7. maj 2010

Experiments, experiments

I'm still doing stuff for my son's birthday. On Sunday we will have the closest family over and a couple of his best friends. I will make a chocolate cake (my old recipe but with PioneerWoman's chocolate frosting) and a layered cake with raspberries, Confectioners Cream filling (approx. this recipe) and whipped cream. Oh and some buns ofc. You always need buns and warm cocoa for a Danish birthday.

My brother in law is English so today I tried making some lemon curd for him to put on these buns. I really hope it works out well, since it's nearly impossible to buy here, but I'm not sure I managed to get the right consistency. On the other hand I trust that it will be less runny, when the butter cools off. I also plan to make some blueberry jam, and some sugar free orange / ginger jam for my dad. Wtb. more time.

On the bright side, I've had lots of fun playing with sugar fondant. I've made a horde banner and a replica (well...eh...maybe not a spitting image but to the best of my abilities :P) of a special, epic World of Warcraft weapon. For giggles I tried to make an ooze mold from some Fimo modeling clay. I will try to make a green gel and fill it, so hopefully I will get a wobbling, gross thing to put on the cake as well. :D

<-- An ooze. They really do horrible. :-X If I don't succeed with this experiment, maybe I will try making some other WoW creature, but I'm a bit afraid of the time, and ofc. of being too tired to finish all my little projects.

Oh...and not to forget! I've haven't tatted that much, but my Jan Stawasz' doily is almost done! I only need the last part (about 1/4) of the final round. \o/
I've also made a sketch for a new tatting pattern. It will be a little purse-thingie for my cell phone, or perhaps for some potpourri? Can't wait to test it. And the color is perfect for the yarn, that AnneB was so kind to give to me.