onsdag den 10. februar 2010

A little extra help

I've been working on my son's costume for Fastelavn, which is a Danish holiday we celebrate a bit like the Americans celebrate their Halloween with trick or treat etc, except our costumes don't have to be scary. It used to be the final celebration before the 40 days of fasting, back from when Denmark was Catholic. We stopped being catholic but kept the party. :P

Anyway...My son who is 8 years old decided to be a punk-rocker, and on the picture you can see me sew some 'bracelets' out of fake leather to him. Later I put some studs in them aswell. Ofc. I also made him a nice studded collar, and I cringed a ring from a jewelry lock set up, put some soft thingie on the on end, and now it serves as a nose ring. I guess the days where he wanted to be a cute, cuddly animal is now definitively over. :-S To be sure I would finish in time, Aiko the Empress is giving me a most helpful paw. :P

mandag den 8. februar 2010

Spiderbag, spiderbag

My unique photographer skills shows again. :P It's bright daylight outside, but somehow the picture shows up very dark. The fabric has such nice creamy color but here it looks all boring grey. :(

I actually planned for the bag to be a bit bigger, but the edging wasn't as long as I remembered. Actually I did this edging, before I did the choker. As the observant eye might discover, it's actually the same pattern. When I did the edging I liked the look of it against my wrist so much that I decided I would put2 edgings together (opposite) to a bracelet or a choker.  

I had originally planned for the bag to have some kind of handles as well, but when I was almost finished I couldn't really see how I could make any handles look good. I guess it needs a completely different design (or a lot better imagination than mine :P). I tried to put some stiffening material on the lower part of it, and it worked quite well, I think. The lining is black taffeta, and inside I also made a couple of pockets, which could be kinda handy. One of them I made lipstick side, which I thought awfully clever of me, until I realized that I will never carry it on a night out when it has no handles. Duh. Now I guess I can put...pencils and paper clips in it...or something like that. /cry. I really need to figure out those handles.